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Sam Gallucci, CEO & Founder

Samuel L Gallucci Bio 


Sam’s career began in 1981 when he was hired after college by IBM. The internet was in its infancy and Sam changed jobs and became a pioneer and leader in the burgeoning field known as ‘software.’ He was instrumental in helping develop the field of Customer Relationship Management.

Sam rose to Executive Vice President and General Manager of PeopleSoft CRM, one of the largest makers of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. In 2004 PeopleSoft was acquired by Oracle for $10.3 billion in a deal that helped make Oracle a key player in the Silicon Valley boom that quickly and forever transformed the California economy.

Sam would soon realize that material wealth left him unfulfilled, so he decided to retire and follow his passion for helping others. In 2006 he became an Associate Pastor at Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village, CA, in 2007 he became Senior Pastor of The Harbor Missionary Church and in 2009 he founded The Kingdom Center Ministries.

Through his pastor work Sam saw how homelessness ruined lives and government programs could actually make the problem worse. The creative business executive wanted to bring a revolutionary new approach to the crisis, and to this day Sam remains the CEO of The Kingdom Center as it continues to battle homelessness by encouraging, equipping and empowering Ventura County women and children caught in the struggle.

The Kingdom Center organization has provided emergency shelter and transitional living centers for over 1000 men, women and their children over the past 12 years.

Sam saw suffering in other marginalized communities so in 2008 he founded Embrace! Ministries, whose mission remains to provide food and other much-needed resources for migrant farm workers and their families.

Sam loves California and is a lifelong resident who has lived across the Golden State. As he puts it, ‘I grew up in the City of Angels, got my career start in San Diego and left my heart in San Francisco.’

Sam is a featured speaker in the areas of business, travel and faith. He has authored two books including ‘Road Warrior’ published in 2008, which teaches how to protect one’s faith, integrity, and relationships when you travel for work. ‘More than Animals’ was published in 2021 and chronicles his service to those experiencing homeless.

He has three adult sons who are all married and seven grandchildren and lives in Oxnard with his wife Toni.

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Revive Education Conference 2022

The major battle to save America is now in our school classrooms. Revive Education will provide an opportunity for parents, teachers, and pastors to learn new strategies and alternatives to public school. Those who attend will be equipped, encouraged, and empowered to take immediate action to rescue our children from the radical agenda in our public schools. If we do not save our children, we cannot save our country!

It’s time to give the education of our children back to their parents! It’s time to restore the foundations of education back to God. It’s time to take back our children’s future, identity, and destiny in education! It’s time to revive education!

What to expect

We have a full day planned with outstanding Biblically based experts in their fields of education and faith. Come learn and be inspired with new innovative ideas, technologies and tools, solutions, and alternatives to public education. Learn about the true roots of public education. Experience creative expressions to healing wounds in our children due to the wokeness in our schools.

Discover the connection between reformation in the church and education of our children. Meet the influencers, speakers, vendors, authors, who advocate on the front lines for our children’s education and overall well-being. You will have time to network and participate because Parent’s Values Matter. It is our hope that together we start a fire of revival through rescuing our kids and awakening or quickening God's people to their true nature and purpose in the Education of our Children.


Why Should People Attend:

Today in public schools across this country, especially in California, children are being groomed to be as sexually perverted and indoctrinated as possible into radical pagan religious and political beliefs. Parents are confused, blindsided, and outraged by what is really happening. Parent’s values and legal rights are being challenged and quickly being replaced by the government’s legislative actions to take more control of key medical, emotional, and educational decisions of the children.
Academics are no longer the priority.

Parents, Pastors, and Educators will be equipped, empowered, and encouraged to take proper action to
rescue their children. They will learn how to reclaim their children’s education and to protect their
parental rights. They will be provided tools to disciple and protect their children against the social and
moral issues of the day. We will present the educational options and the services available to help
parents exit public school and make the best decisions possible in the education of your children.


Any questions please write us. 

Let's connect.

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